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​ Over the years, the skin, like any other organ in the human body, undergoes changes in its structure.
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Aging is associated with several processes and can be divided into 3 phases:


Expression lines and loss of luminosity.

At this stage, the production of collagen - responsible for firming and supporting the skin - decreases and becomes insufficient. Here the first fine lines and expression wrinkles appear. Irregularities in skin tone and relief may also appear.

Deep wrinkles and beginning of loss of firmness.

During this period, the skin's filling fibers inappropriately renew themselves. Collagen and elastin wear more intensely and, due to greater flaccidity, wrinkles become deeper;

Loss of density and facial contour.

In mature skin, cell metabolism is reduced and collagen production drops even further. Because of this, it is possible to notice skin relaxation, loss of density, change in the contour and dryness of the skin.

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Skin aging occurs through the joint action of endogenous and exogenous factors.

The influences range from the action of ultraviolet rays emitted by the sun to the hormonal action that changes over the years.

There are two types of aging:

Intrinsic or Chronological Aging (natural aging):

It occurs due to the expected deterioration of organic systems;

It affects all human beings and cannot be avoided.


Extrinsic Aging or Photo Aging:

It is mainly caused by sun exposure,

arises in areas that have been most exposed repeatedly.

The classic signs are wrinkles and blemishes

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